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Event Driven Transmissions

Emails that are sent due to activity on your website, e.g. New user signs up, User Requests Password Reset.

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On Demand Transmissions

One off emails whose sending is initiated by you. E.g. "Happy new year 2015", "We've moved to new offices", "New subsystem Live" and sent to a subset of your users.

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Static Lists Transmissions

Upload a CSV table (demo) or set of CSV tables with relationships e.g. "Old Users List from Previous Website". Since there is no source application EMC3 handles all user list management such as Subscribe/Unsubsribe.

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Scheduled Transmissions

Scheduled emails are those that are periodically and automatically sent out by the system e.g. "This months top selling products", "Your Destination's Weather" or "Abandoned Shopping Cart Reminders"

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