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Website Hosts Add new Website Host

Add new Host

You can either just enter the hostname, or upload an XML file. Either way you then need to set the rules, and then traffic will be redirected.

Make sure you edit your domain's DNS control panel and set the CNAME record for the host you want to redirect to:

Destination Host

Which website host will you be primarily redirecting traffic to? This is typically your new domain name. You will be able to specify additional different hosts if you want to split the traffic once you create the redirection rules


Add Host Name

Which website host do you want to redirect the traffic from? This is typically your old website.


Note you can only use 301 redirect website on a non-ssl host (http://). If you need to redirect from a ssl host e.g. then I will need to install your SSL certificate on my server to do this. Please email me with subject line 301 SSL redirection. This will take me some time so I charge $20 (via paypal) for this service.

Add By Uploading XML Sitemap

Just upload the XML sitemap for the site you want to redirect.

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